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Tango Dentro - Photographs by Lars Schmidt

9. Dezember - 6. Januar

Vernissage am 9. Dezember

"I think one central theme in my work these days is the importance of the ability to listen. And that is also what links tango to any kind of work I do in the context of nature, maybe even to our relationship to nature in general: If you do not listen, dance won’t happen. If you impose your preferences, dance loses its vitality and magic, and at some point your partner will not dance with you any longer."

Lars Schmidt might be described as a sort of modern day drop out. He is a nature lover. Some say he is a poet. He grew up in a small village, spending most of his time outside. Since then he has been making the round and wearing many hats. More about his work and undertakings you find on his website www.naturalcircus.org.

Tango Dentro is a series of images that have been featured in the short-film essay ‘Les Montagnes dansent - Tango en Diois’, a collaboration with ethnologist Caroline Fontana that developed while he was living in the french mountains.

Lars would like to say a big thank you to Thomas Rieser and the NOU team for making this exhibition possible!

-- Die Photos sind vom 9.12.17-6.1.18 im Nou Mitte ausgestellt, und können während unserer Öffnungszeiten in der Zeit vom 10.-22.12.17 und 3.-6.1.18 jeweils am Mo 18:45-00, Di-Do 18:45-22:30, Fr 18:45-04, Sa 14:45-18:30 Uhr angeschaut werden. Alle Photos sind käuflich zu erwerben. 5% der Einnahmen der Bilder gehen an den World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Bei Fragen wenden Sie sich an Thomas Rieser 0179-9492761.