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Studenten Milonga

21. Oktober

Here come the first TANGOBingos of the semester!

Learn them by heart, because Ivo will play them at any point during the milonga. If you recognize one of the three BINGOs, and we hear you screaming "BINGO" the first, you win a glass of Prosecco! Be fast, be loud, be the first - there are experienced TangoBingo-screamers at the milonga....

Aníbal Troilo - Y dicen que no te quiero (Singer: Floreal Ruiz)

Alfredo De Angelis - En tus brazos (Singer: Oscar Larroca 1958)

Juan D'Arienzo - Valsecito de antes (instrumental 1937)


19:00h - 21:00h: Beginners-CRASHcourse (singles welcome!) (8 € students, 16€ non-students*)
20:00h - 21:00h: Class with the show couple Jessica&Stephan. Topic to be announced (3 € students,8€ non-students)
21:00h - open end: Milonga with DJ Ivo, show of Jessica&Stephan, Tango-speed-dating and chacarera, and birthday-vals, Megatron-search-your-Optimus-Prime-partner-finding-game (3 € students, non-students: 5 €)


We are very much looking forward to seeing you all once again :) :) :) 
Ellie & Evi & Matthias