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Swing meets Tango

17. Februar 2019 - Swing&Tango Café :)

Let's take two glorious dances, put them together, and shake. Mix and match and try something new - tango for swing dancers, and swing for tango dancers. We'll alternate DJs all afternoon after a few songs (for tango always one tanda and than you can imagine a long cortina of ten minutes of swing ;-)) so as to keep the music fresh and exiting.

We'll have a pair of short classes beforehand to get you in the swing/tango of things. If you need further inspiration we'll have a little show so you can see what the tango/swing is all about around 16h ...

14:00h- swing taster with Marcus (free with entry)
14:30h- tango taster with Ellie (free with entry)
15-18h dance to your heart's content with DJs Marcus (Swing) and Ellie (Tango)

5€ entry

Ort: Nou Mitte

Kontakt: elliemutchler(AT)gmail.com, 0176/84496723