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Contact & Tango & Tantra

30. Juli 2017

Bridges from Contact to Tantra to Tango

On this day we invite you to create a space of openness and sensitivity together, to feel, listen and to simply be, to dance more from sensation and from feeling, than from mind and limbs.

Experience with Tango / Tantra / Contact is not required. Participation with or without a partner is possible. In all sessions we will change partners.  

(Idea) To inquire and rediscover aspects of human connection to enrich the tango experience, incorporating elements from contact and tantra. 

(Why) When we are in a physical contact with someone in tango, we are at a crossroad where we make choices: between being present or absent, opening or closing, being or doing, resting or stressing, enjoyment or boredom, warmness or coldness. Contact & Tantra can refresh and enrich the tango experience, inviting us to dance more from feeling and sensation.   

(How) In a playful and sensitive way, exploring contact and tantra exercises that are a doorway to tune into the inner spaces of awareness, presence and being. We will practice conscious breathing and touch awareness as tools to connect to the body and the senses, bringing the attention inside. Through individual, pair and group exercises we will co-create a playful heartfelt space to dance from. 

(Vision) A beautiful, simple, juicy and sensitive experience filled with games, playfulness and curiosity. Through various awareness and connection exercises we will inquire with a fresh open mind, heart and soul.

(Language) The day will be taught mostly in english, Julian speaks german and can translate.  


10:00 arrival & gathering

10:30-12:30 Contact with Julian

--- light lunch break, potlock bring something to share if you like ---

13:45-15:45 Tantra with Kiran & Jivan 

--- tea break, we have a tea selection + beverages + small snacks  at Nou --- 

16:30-18:30 Tango with Julian & Kiran & Jivan 

19:00 finish & good byes

1 session  25€ / 20€ reduced 
2 sessions 40€ / 35€ reduced
3 sessions 55€ / 45€ reduced

Please register with Kiran or Julian:  
Kiran.Jivan.Info(AT)gmail.com, Tel/WhatsApp +40 728 775498
julian(at)noutangoberlin.de, 0176/61850795 


Julian began taking classes in dance from a young age. He practiced physical theatre with Pablo Bontä and took classes wiht traditional Tango dancers like Pepito Avellaneda, Pupi Castello, Tete, and others. At the age of 22, he received his degree from the Institute of National Education in Bs As, Argentina. He took classes learning the Martha Graham technique, contemporary dance, release, low flow and contact improvisation. His passion for dance and movement lead him to continue working and travelling in Europe as a dancer and Tango teacher. Following his degree he first came to Florence, Italy, where he studied at the Lilia Bertelli school of "Danza e movimento". From his experience in theatre and tango dance he discovered improvisation in movement. Following on from this he began to explore and work more with Contact Improvisation. He has worked as a dancer and teacher giving workshops in Tango Argentino and Contact Improvisation at several European festivals of Dance including, Poland, UK, Germany and Italy. Julian has been teaching Tango argentino for more then 10 years. Currently he teaches Tango and Contact Improvisation, often combining the two together at some contact improvisation jams in Berlin, Germany. He is constantly developing his practice as a professional dancer and teacher taking regular classes and participating in different festivals of dance.

Questions & Contact & Registration:

Kiran & Jivan

Tantra: Feeling & Connection

Kiran & Jivan dance, collaborate and explore life & dance together since 2004. They met first time in the tango community in Bucharest, Romania, where they are based.

As tantra & tango lovers, they have been invited to share their experience and passion for the connection between meditation- tantra- tango in different tango events. Their simple, warm and natural approach is "Stay human and dance your dance!"

In a joyful and playful way they will guide you through some tantra and meditation techniques to tune into the present moment, connecting to the body energy, exploring the space of simply being, breathing, meeting and connection to oneself and others.

We will explore feeling and connection as a way of being in the moment with an open heart. So that you bring in the warm presence quality of your soul, of your being during your dances.

Contact & Questions & Registration: 
Tel/WhatsApp +40 728 775498 (Kiran)